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Adiabatic Cooling Tower Manufacturers in India

Adiabatic Cooling Tower unit built thus on scale back the body of water air temperature to the coil. This provides the shoppers with important reductions within the price|cost of capital opportunity cost of the cooler further as reductions within the cost of power consumption. associate electronic temperature controller is employed to regulate the fluid (process water) temperature inside rigorous tolerances. This temperature controller pulses the sprays of water onto the cooling pads to relinquish solely the minimum of adiabatic cooling of the body of water air needed for any given load and close condition.All style options area unit in to produce a protracted product life.

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Why Choose Adiabatic Cooling Tower

  •   Closed loop application eliminates the value of fluid treatment sometimes related to the employment of cooling towers
  •   Adiabatic Cooler offers less maintenance price as less variety of moving components square measure concerned.
  •   Heat transfer space is accumulated by the employment of high finned tubes
  •   ur adiabatic Coolers square measure built victimization prime quality adiabatic pads, evidenced style
  •   No constraints on the position of Thermax adiabatic Cooler
  •   They have no environmental impact
  •   They offer up to seventy in dire straits conservation as compared to the wet cooling

Necessity of Adiabatic Cooling Tower

An adiabatic cooler may be a fluid cooler. throughout the best a part of the year, it’s attainable to dissipate heat simply by creating use of the close air. Once the temperature of the close air is just too high, the unit can mechanically switch to wet mode and build extra use of the cooling impact of evaporating water.

Hybrid Adiabatic Cooling Tower Process

Based on the adiabatic cooling principle of reducing heat through a modification in close air temperature, advanced adiabatic cooling technologies utilize freely obtainable natural resources, water and clean air, to manage temperature. activity cooling systems square measure built to produce customers with vital conservation edges within the areas of water, energy and health, yet as cut operative prices.


Unlike typical fluid cooling systems that believe a reservoir of standing water to cool down, downfall III’s hybrid system utilizes water only if close air temperatures square measure too high to cool down the fluid to the specified temperature with the fans alone. throughout the most well liked months of the year, Associate in Nursing intermittent precipitation of water is free to cool down the air before it enters the unit. In cooler months, downfall III functions as a dry air cooling system eliminating sump phase change and dangerous ice buildup common with typical fluid coolers. On Associate in Nursing annual basis, this technique saves (more than 80%) on water compared to typical fluid cooling towers.


UTraditional phase change cooling systems collect cooled water at their base, that is one in every of the first breeding grounds for Legionella pneumophilia pneumophila – the microorganism that ends up in no fewer than fifty,cases of Legionnaires’ unwellness annually within the downfall III hybrid system eliminates standing water with its absolutely closed fluid path and intermittent spray of water to reinforce the system’s cooling capability.


Adiabatic process cooling conjointly helps customers scale back their carbon footprint with energy saving solutions. The downfall III fans activate piecemeal and solely run once needed to take care of the specified operative fluid temperature. this technique solely operates once necessary and consumes significantly less energy than the fans on fluid or dry air cooling systems that run ceaselessly.


In addition to exploitation quantity amount of water and energy, hybrid adiabatic cooling systems occupy a smaller footprint compared to dry-air coolers and need less maintenance than ancient cooling systems. The downfall III comes normal with copper conduit within the coil bundles and naturally resists corrosion because of atmospherical exposure and chemicals typically found in water.


Thanks to a bunch of safety options, developed in conjunction with recommendation from nation Health & Safety Executive’s leading Legionella pneumophilia Risk Assessors, adiabatic Coolers square measure thought of to be of a coffee Legionella pneumophilia risk. Since adiabatic Coolers don’t collect or re-cycle the state change water they’re confirmed beneath the terribly latest legislation as not requiring expensive current chemical treatment or registration with native authorities.


Adiabatic system solely operates within the peak of summer and cooling necessities square measure handles in dry cooling solely mode for the remainder of the time. The system operates mechanically once needed as well as spraying, purging, machine drain down and actinic ray sterilisation. aside from the direct drive fans with sealed for keeps motors and adiabatic spray pump there aren’t any moving components. As adiabatic system doesn’t re-cycle water employing a assortment basin.

Adiabatic Cooling Tower Key Features

  •   Counter flow spray nozzles for even spray coverage across the entire coil surface area.
  •   Spray booster pump to give up to 6 bar G of water pressure at the nozzles, giving a fine mist.
  •   UV lamp UV sterilisation treatment for adiabatic water feed.
  •   Pulsed adiabatic spray operation to minimise water usage.
  •   Adiabatic system purge/drain timer ensures that stagnation of water cannot take place.
  •   Air thermostat locks out adiabatic usage in ambient temperatures
  •   There will never be a vapour cloud above the cooler.
  •   Glass fibre-reinforced polyester housing – so no risk of rust formation whatsoever
  •   Energy-saving EC fans with frequency control included
  •   Ready to use appliance with integrated fully adjustable control system
  •  Low maintenance costs

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